About Us

The Hillary company was born in 2000 in Apulia region (Italy) 
thanks to the initiative of Lillo brothers.
About high quality fabrics, they’ve a great passion and a long experience. 
Therefore they are constantly engaged to design new products that will satisfy clients’
tastes operating in the high fashion industry and especially in the wedding dresses market.
Visiting  most important  fairs in Italy and abroad, Hillary may choose its collections
relying on fashion trends updating and careful studies.
Recently, this relentless quest has led them to enter with success  into the child’s
formal dresses market, ensuring also in this field an excellent service 
based on high quality, good performance  and timeliness deliveries.
If today Hillary is one of leader companies in Puglia, 
it’s also because its mission is the customer satisfaction: 
it guarantees the products’ continuity with its stocked warehouse.
Thanks to its articles the company has gained a wide range 
of customers in Italy and it’s going to develop its business abroad.